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  • Case of Albacore pouches

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    What could be better than wholesome wild caught Oregon tuna, gently processed to retain the high omega 3's and delicious rich flavor.   Our fish is hook and line caught, MSC (marine stewardship council) Certified and on the Monterey Bay Aquarium's "best choice" for health and sustainability. 

    What you get:  Albacore tuna caught by the girls of F/V Princess or their partner in crime, Russell Beard on the F/V Geraldine.  We have our fish custom canned (in retort pouches) at Oregon Seafoods, a quality conscience micro-cannery in Coos Bay.   The pouches are 6 ounces each, enough for 2 BIG tuna fish sandwiches.  Not that sandwiches are all you can do with this healthy, convienent fish.  We top pasta and salads with it and make a great cream cheese dip as well as eat it strait out of the pouch on camping and hunting trips.

    The ingredients:

     Light smoke: our albacore applewood hot smoked, sea salt

    Brine smoked: our smoked albacore brined in... Brown sugar, sea salt, apple cider vinager, soy sauce 

                                               Why is our Oregon troll caught tuna the best?

    • We catch them early in their lifecycle, at 3-4 years old, when the oil content is the highest and Mercury levels are the lowest on the market. 
    • Caught AND processed in the USA unlike all the large brands that use longline caught fish and process it overseas.

                         Why choose retort packs over traditional cans?

    • Fish processed in retorts is not exposed to BPA's that can be found in the linings of traditional cans.  
    • It is cooked for less time than in traditional cans, making it moister and retaining more flavor.
    • Retorts are super convenient (no can opener needed) and have a shelf life of several years.
    • Retorts are way lighter than cans so shipping costs are lower and the carbon footprint smaller.

    Here's some interesting links on the health benefits of tuna: