Princess Seafood market and deli

It takes a LOT of steps to bring you a fish that tastes like it was just caught months later  Here's how we make the magic happen:

  • Quality starts with the catching. After a fish bites our hook it swims along with the boat until we hand pull it in and give it a quick bonk on the head while still in the water, then gently land it on deck  No struggling in a net, no stress, no bruising, no flopping, no scale loss.  Quickly and humanely killed.
  • Now the work begins.  We start cleaning right away.  It gets headed, gutted, scrubbed and pressure bled.  Immaculate! Blood can lead to off flavors and poor shelf life. By circulating fresh seawater through the fish all traces of blood are removed.   

  • Into the blast freezer it goes.  It gets placed on a tray in front of a giant fan and voila! frozen solid in an hour.  This how we get a sashimi grade fish.  The next morning we take them all off the trays and stack them in one side of the fish hold.
  • Now the part we don't love....GLAZING.  Every few days we don our arctic freezer suits, face masks and heat packs and get to work.  We fill a tub with fresh seawater and wait til its 31 degrees.  Then each fish gets two dips and is restacked with a beautiful protective ice glaze.  This keeps moisture in and prevents freezer burn.  And he looks really cool, like a king salmon ice sculpture. 
  • When the trip is done we head to town and unload.  The fish get carefully packed into 1000 pound boxes and taken right to cold storage.  Where they patiently wait for YOU!

  • Sure, there are a lot of fish in the sea,  but these are the BEST!
  • Watch a video of the process